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Closing Credits: Corey Haim

CoreyHaim.jpgCorey Haim, best known for his role in The Lost Boys, has died aged 38.

While speculation is rife, there seems to be no official cause as yet, and on Filmstalker I never feel the need to write about such things. Instead, let's look to his film career and talk about what he'll be remembered for in film.

His career has never reached the high of The Lost Boys, but his first role was in a film called Firstborn in 1984. After that he also appeared in Silver Bullet, the adaptation of the Stephen King story, Murphy's Romance and Lucas before the film that brought him to the fore and was to ensure he would never forget the role of Sam again.

His appearances faded from here onwards, and it was to be 2008 on video before he would revisit The Lost Boys in Lost Boys: The Tribe, returning to the role of Sam.

After that he appeared in Crank: High Voltage, and the films started to slip away from him once again.

Whatever reason Corey Haim's career never reached the heights of the original Lost Boys, one thing is clear, he'll never be forgotten for that role, and I would imagine the film will stay alive for a long time to come.

Corey Haim



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