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Closing Credits: Peter Graves

PeterGraves.jpgPeter Graves has died aged 83. The news suggests that he died just after enjoying a meal with his family.

To me, and to many, many others, the actor is known for his role in the Mission: Impossible television series and his role in the iconic film Airplane!, which I absolutely love. However with some one hundred and thirty one roles to his name, there's a bit more than that.

According to the reports, one through the BBC, Peter Graves earliest memorable role was in Stalag 17, a war prison film by Billy Wilder which saw him playing a Nazi spy.

He also appeared in The Night of the Hunter, the Charles Laughton directed film led by the excellent Robert Mitchum.

However his biggest role was the long running television series Mission: Impossible where he played Agent Jim Phelps, the leader of the group who would always receive the message that self-destructed after every play and contained the team's assignment for the episode.

Clarence Oveur in Airplane! was the role that I remember him most for, and for Airplane II: The Sequel, a role that saw him play the slightly odd pilot who began asking some very inappropriate questions of a young boy he was showing his cockpit.

Without a doubt he's made me, and many, many other people, laugh by Oveur and be thoroughly entertained and thrilled by Phelps, and had quite the iconic face and voice.

Peter Graves



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