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Cuarón's Gravity changes radically

RobertDowneyJr.jpgOriginally I was going to drop this into a stalked article, until I started thinking about what this meant for the film, and the huge changes that seem to have happened with Alfonso Cuarón's film, and that's not just with the cast.

Previously we heard of the film when Angelina Jolie was touted as the lead, and then she was quickly announced as not being on the film, and now we hear that Robert Downey Jr. is one of the leads. Suddenly there's a picture appearing.

Late February we heard that Angelina Jolie was set to lead Gravity, the film that Alfonso Cuarón is directing from a script he wrote with his son, Jonás Cuarón. The film had been recovered by Warner Bros. and Legendary after Universal put it in turnaround.

Now in that story we heard that the plot would follow a woman who is the sole survivor of a mission in space that goes badly wrong, trying to return home to Earth to her daughter who would provide the emotional driving force for the film.

Then we heard that, and I quote...

“Jolie’s reps say the actress has passed on doing Gravity at Warner Bros.”

...interesting choice of words there, and I'll come back to that when I go through my interpretation of what's happening with the film.

Now we hear from Deadline through First Showing that Robert Downey Jr. is negotiating to join the film and that the story has changed. The story says that there will be a male and female character who survive a terrible accident on a remote space station that kills the rest of the team.

So what's happened? Well I think it's gone like this. The project was at Universal and that's where I think Angelina Jolie was involved in the film, a film which would see her as the only leading character, in fact perhaps the only character. To me that sounded superb and a great choice for the film, but Universal didn't think so, and maybe that was due to the success of Moon (Filmstalker review), who knows.

So at Universal, the story was Jolie and all Jolie. However that was canned and the story that Jolie was on the Warner Bros. and Legendary resurrected version of the film might well have been a lay over to the previous Universal film, something that's suggested by the quote above which stated that she passed over doing the film at Warner Bros., perhaps she was still connected until she saw the script.

My guess is that the new script that came out had the male and female leads sharing the film, and Jolie saw her single leading role, a great chance at delivering a superb performance just remember Sam Rockwell in Moon, fall away from her and decided that the film just wasn't for her any more.

So we've gone from the one female lead to a male lead with a female secondary character, and you can now perhaps understand Jolie passing on the film and now Downey keen on taking it on. These changes are sure to change the film itself, in fact it seems like there are massive changes in the structure and core of the film.

One final thing that popped up is that it's described now as being in 3D. Now I don't know how right that is, but I didn't catch that in any of the original write-ups. Is anything of the original going to remain? Oh yes, it's in space.



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