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Da Vinci supernatural action-adventure

DaVinciCode_Poster.jpgWhile some films are concentrating on bringing to life the real, or almost real, stories of historical figures, some films are just going to go to town with them and make up anything to sell a film.

That's the case with the news about the new Leonardo Da Vinci film, for it will see him as part of a secret society battling biblical demons, however the story will contain secret codes, hidden treasures, hidden fortresses and some fallen angels. Quite a mixture of stories.

The film is just a treatment at the moment and is provisionally titled Leonardo da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever, something I don't really see making the final cut for the film. The producer Adrian Askarieh came up with the idea and wrote the treatment, and the film is now looking for a writer to complete the story according to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision.

Again, there's not that much else to tell about the project, but it does sound rather interesting. Considering everything Leonardo da Vinci was famous for and what we may see worked into the film itself, this could provide for quite a wild ride.

There's something else to consider, if Da Vinci is written as a member of this secret society, who else will be in it? What other famous historical figures?



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