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Despicable Me trailer online

DespicableMe.jpgThe full trailer for Despicable Me has arrived online, and something has just struck me about it. It's just that same terrible story that we see all the action heroes turn to, when they become a male nanny for some kids and their normal lives are turned upside down - we've seen it with spies and cops, and now we see it with an evil mastermind.

Nice twist, but is it enough? Of course not, that's why they've thrown in 3D and a large amount of big flashy things flying at the camera and a roller coaster ride too. Am I being too cynical?

You can see the trailer for Despicable Me below and decide for yourself, after all it stars Steve Carell, Jason Segel and Russell Brand, so that's something isn't it?

The super-villain is always up against his arch nemesis who is always managing to pull one over on him and thwart his plans, but this time he' convinced that he can carry out his most despicable plan, steal the moon. Of course if he does that the entire Earth would be destroyed, but no matter.

Amazingly though, social services allow him to look after three orphaned girls who have arrived on his doorstep, and they begin to see him as a Dad. Of course we know that at first he's going to rebel, something terrible will happen to endanger them or their relationship, so he'll realise what he had and understand that he rather loved being a Dad...etc.

On the way we get lots of big guns and rays firing at the camera, a roller coaster, and Universals "new" 3D CGI. The cynicism is pouring out of every orifice.

Here's the trailer for you to decide which you can also see over at Apple Trailers in high definition.



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