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Eastwood directing J. Edgar Hoover film

JEdgarHoover.jpgThis is spectacular news. It's been announced today that the J. Edgar Hoover film we heard about just last week will be getting a director, and a damn fine one at that. Not only is it being written by the excellent Dustin Lance Black who wrote Milk (Filmstalker review), but now Clint Eastwood has signed up to direct.

I am a little surprised as I thought, since Ron Howard's production company was behind it, we might see Ron Howard take up the reigns and direct. Not so it seems.

There's not much more on the project so far, and the story over at The Hollywood Reporter talks about the history of J. Edgar Hoover and how he created the FBI, pioneered the idea of a centralised fingerprint database, and other great leaps in organised crime fighting.

However he does remain known for some more shady tactics in the later years, keeping files on leading politicians and figures, and using them when he needed to gain his own way.

Clint Eastwood leading the project is a strong sign for it, and we could be seeing another strong representation of real life figures that we just saw in Invictus (Filmstalker review), although here I suspect there will be more emphasis on the historical person rather than the events around them.

Surely another great film from Eastwood?



As much as I like Eastwood's films I just find them all a bit too sappy. I was looking forward to this film as well.

Ha! Yes, he does make emotionally strong films, but I do love a film that makes you feel something.


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