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Fincher's Heavy Metal restarts?

HeavyMetal.jpgThe Heavy Metal project went quiet some time ago, as the project headed by David Fincher that was set to take the magazine onto the big screen fell silent and looked set not to be made. Until now.

There's word coming through that the film is happening and big name directors are being mentioned as involved once again, and there's more news about what format the film will take, something very different to the way we thought it would be.

The current rumour about the film is that it will be entirely filmed in 3D and it will be animated. I wonder if that was to bring down costs on the project?

The story from Deadline New York through First Showing, tells us that James Cameron and Zack Snyder are confirmed to direct segments, along with David Fincher himself. While we've already heard about these two directors with the first leap at production, all the previous rumours of other directors involved are still just that, rumours.

The article also reports that there's still no financier or distributor, but I suspect with James Cameron on-board the production and the talk of 3D in the air, then I doubt there'll be a problem moving forward this time – after all it's been reported for a while now that he's pioneering and pushing Hollywood forward with 3D, so it makes sense, and with him on the project, and it being 3D, I don't see a problem in it getting funding, do you?

Saying that, I am a bit confused as to why it never got off the ground in the first place and why it's still looking for someone to finance it and distribute it, even with just Fincher you'd think they'd be all over it.



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