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Fright Night remake gains director?

FrightNight.jpgWe’ve been hearing about a Fright Night remake since 2007, and in that time it's been off and brought back to life again, with a new writer being assigned in November of last year.

Now it looks as though we may be hearing about the director of the film. I say may because right now it's only a rumour, but it's a good rumour none the less.

It seems that they have the field narrowed down to three directors, but the top choice has been leaked out, and the name is Craig Gillespie, the director of Lars and the Real Girl and Mr. Woodcock, so a mixed bag then.

However let's take this with a big pinch of salt as it seems that DreamWorks still has their three choice list, officially, and we don't know who the other two directors are. The rumour comes from L.A. Times through First Showing, who are as quick to put some caution on the rumour.

Marti Noxon is the man who has written the script for the remake, and here's a quick recap of the film for you.

Fright Night is a superb film that pulls together horror and comedy superbly well and gets some great actors together with an excellent script. Tom Holland delivered a superb film which I still enjoyed watching when I saw it again just last year. It stars Chris Sarandon as a strange neighbour who moves in next door to Charley Brewster played by William Ragsdale. Charley is suspicious, he sees some strange things going on and before long believes that his neighbour is a vampire.

Both his best friend, "Evil" Ed played by Stephen Geoffreys, and his girlfriend Amy, played by Amanda Bearse, don't believe him, and neither does the man who he approaches hoping to help him kill the vampire, Peter Vincent played by the excellent Roddy McDowall, the late night horror showcase host whose film career has fallen behind him and has become a sad, embittered man. He's about to realise that everything he's been hiding behind on his horror show is in fact real, and the terror they are all about to face is far more terrifying than anything they've seen before.

I loved Fright Night, it's a great fun film with some very cool characters and good performances. However I can't help thinking that any remake is not going to do it justice, and it'll either go all the way to horror, or all the way back to comedy, and none will manage to capture the balance that the original had.

Mind you, perhaps we're jumping the gun. Maybe they really could pull this off, but is the director of Lars and the Real Girl and Mr. Woodcock really the right guy for the job? I'm not so sure.



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