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Ghost Recon short film trailer

GhostRecon.jpgIt may not have worked for Halo, but the plans are afoot to deliver some live action trailers for the video game Ghost Recon: Future Solider, and Ubisoft, the company behind the excellent series, has also hired two directors to create a short film based on the Ghost Recon series.

This first teaser for the game looks very promising, not only from a fan of the game series but also from a film fan too. There's promise here that might just suggest something interesting from a short film, action wise for sure.

The teaser trailer for the game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is below, and you can see it in high definition if you follow the YouTube link through, it comes via Twitch and the official site of the game.

I think it looks really good and does promise a lot from the game and a possible future short film. We've also got news of this game teaser and the short film itself. First the game teaser:

Directed by Ben Mor of Little Minx, a company of Ridley Scott and Associates, the trailer was created in collaboration with visual effects creators Asylum, who are known for their high-caliber work on Terminator Salvation.

The news of the short film is that Hervé de Crécy and François Alaux, the two directors of Logorama which won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, have been signed up to create the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier short film, which is set to be a prequel to the game itself and the writer of Children of Men and on the remake of Logan's Run, Timothy Sexton, is writing the script. Word is that it'll only be about twenty minutes long, but who knows if this could lead the way for something longer and better.



Some how I was engrossed.


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