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Hardwicke's modern War Games

WarGames.jpgCatherine Hardwicke may well be about to add another project to her to do list, and this one is set to look at the possibility of fighting wars virtually, as a video-game programmer is trained by the government to fight terrorist threats using virtual technology.

It's an interesting idea that can have you racing for comparisons from War Games to Lawnmower Man and even, apparently, Real Genius, but it raises a lot of interesting questions and could go any direction from serious to comedy. Right now, we know it's called Dot War and is an action-adventure.

The action-adventure label doesn't really fill me with excitement, but then again neither does the idea of the director of Twilight tackling a project like this do anything for me either. Except that is when you look back in her career.

Catherine Hardwicke directed Thirteen and also Lords of Dogtown, and those are two films far away from the idea of Twilight.

The story comes from The Hollywood Cog through Pajiba, and tells us that she's "possibly lined up" to direct the film, and that the script has been around for some time now. Written by Laura Harrington, a rewrite is underway.

I don't know though, do you really like the idea of it? I imagine that they'll really have to go some to update the script to make it feel more modern, or even slightly futuristic. I bet some of the technology aspects sound dated even if it was written months ago.

Still, I don't see the great connection here, I don't understand if they are talking about the guy defending computer systems from computer attacks, or entering an actual war. I'm having The Lawnmower Man hot flashes and thinking of a Tron bandwagon.



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