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Independence Day trilogy?

IndependenceDay.jpgYou remember Independence Day don't you? Aliens invade the world, the Americans find a way to defeat them and do just that saving all the stereotypically idiotic and sheep-like people of the world?

Well it looks set to happen two more times, and on the anniversary of the first invasion, who would have thought?

Okay, so I am being harsh on the political connotations of the film, to be fair it's great fun film that doesn't really try to say that much other than show spectacular effects and allow the leads to deliver some great one liners, and they do.

Bill Pullman as the President of America, leading a squadron of jets against the invading aliens after giving a superbly rousing speech about Independence Day. Jeff Goldblum reluctantly being both the harbinger of doom and the saviour of humanity all at once, and then Will Smith kicking alien butt.

Yes, it is great fun, of that there's no doubt, but a trilogy? Well that's the rumour, that the previously unaffordable Will Smith is set to sign up for two more films.

Tom Rothman, the co-chairman of 20th Century Fox has talked about a sequel for some time, but it's never come through, despite Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich coming up with a story. It seems that the real problem was the affordability of the main star, Will Smith, although I do find that hard to believe considering how much they are willing to spend on these end of the world films.

IESB through Latino Review tells us that they've received a tip that the studio are suddenly keen to bring the sequel back to life and that includes the return of Will Smith. What's more the rumour has it that he's signed for two sequels and that they will film back to back.

Come on, it's too early for April Fools, so if anyone has released this early the joke is on them – actually in many parts of Scotland if you make an April Fools after 12pm on the day then the joke's on you, and that goes for before midnight on the day too.

Personally I'm not convinced. This comes on the back of the rumour that Smith is deciding whether or not to do Men in Black III or The City that Sailed, and the thought of him doing three big budget, popcorn films in a row seems a little excessive doesn't it? After all it's not as though the actor doesn't like to diversify.

Today, Gossip Cop through Cinema Blend has a rumour that an unnamed representative of Will Smith's has said that this is “not true at this time”, which sounds either like a counter rumour to this rumour, or that he's just stalling for time. Remember all those blanked rumours about The Karate Kid?

Come on, is there anyone out there that really fancies another Independence Day film? More to the point what could the plot possibly be for two more films? It can't really play on the date again can it?

I guess we could see one film following the rebuilding efforts a year later as the aliens return, stronger and more prepared, then the third film could be when we visit their planet for revenge, taking a year to reach it. I don't know, I can't see how the plot would tie in well with the idea behind the film, can you?



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