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Iron Cross trailer online – Scheider's last role

RoyScheider.jpgThe trailer for Roy Scheider's last film, Iron Cross, has arrived online and it's a real mixed bag. It's not the best cut of a trailer I've seen and it struggles a little to move the story forward. However, it does have Scheider in it.

The film tells the story of a retired New York police officer who heads to Nuremberg to visit his estranged son and mend the gulf he built between them when he turned his back on him after he rejected a career in the NYPD. While he's visiting and making good roads on mending the hurt between them, he sees something that shocks him to the core.

Living above his son is the Nazi that was responsible for the murder of his entire family in Poland during World War II. He instantly recognises that face and those eyes, and is enraged. However there appears to be little that can be done, and his new identity is protecting him.

There's only one avenue open to the man, and that's to exact his own vengeance. He persuades his son to help him and they set out to preside over his trial and execution. However there's someone else interested in them and the man.

There's no doubt that Roy Scheider is still, and always will be remembered for one big role, Jaws, but there was a lot more to the actor and once you look back on that list of films you realise all the supporting roles he played and there's a little surprise at everything from the Marathon Man to All that Jazz, 2010 to Blue Thunder, The French Connection to Naked Lunch. However I'm not sure that his last role in Iron Cross is going to be one that stands tall with the rest.

The trailer for the film looks interesting, but I find it rather shabbily put together and it doesn't flow and pull me into the story. Some of the flashback scenes are confusing to someone who hasn't seen the film, and I genuinely wondered what was going on, at times losing sympathy for the main character as it seemed he'd already exacted his revenge by killing a truck load of Nazi's.

It is an interesting story though, and Roy Scheider's last role, without doubt a great and terribly underused actor.

Some good news is that Scott Cohen co-stars, and I've seen him a few times in various television roles, so there's promise for this on screen relationship. Still, it doesn't seem befitting of Scheider's career.



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