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Iron Man 2 trailer

IronMan.jpgHas Iron Man 2 peaked too early? I mean the new trailer is superb, really, but the ending has me wondering if they haven't played the big bad enemy a bit too quickly.

They do need to deliver a good baddie, or even two, but the way the trailer ends with the realisation that someone has created a factory line of Iron Man suits and has deployed them against our friendly Iron Man and his buddy War Machine, makes me think, what are they possibly going to do in the third to top it?

Considering the origin tale of the first film and how well it developed it, I thought we might see Tony Stark battling some smaller bad guys, and the technology would be wrestled with, advanced, developed for the Army perhaps and the next film we'd see more suits in operation in wars. Then a few films away we'd see it fall into the wrong hands.

However what we seem to be getting here is everything at once. Is there really anywhere that the third film could go after this?

That aside, it's a superb trailer don't you think? Iron Man 2 is looking fantastic, and Jon Favreau looks like he's delivering another cracking superhero film.

This trailer delivers plenty of Iron Man, Whiplash, Black Widow, Justin Hammer, Nick Fury, and War Machine. There's a lot more to come too. Is it just too packed full?



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