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Is a female Bourne anything new?

Salt.jpgThere's talk of a new franchise on the way, a new Bourne franchise, but with a female lead. Wow, I'm not exactly sure what we should be feeling about the news, but surprise and excitement can't really be it, surely?

I mean how many different female Bourne stories have we had already? It's just that they haven't been called Bourne, either because they don't need the comparison or because there was no Bourne.

Currently we're looking at Angelina Jolie leading Salt, a film that combines the Bourne idea with something akin to No Way Out, you see it's easy to make these comparisons between films, but does it mean anything?

If we want to go back prior to Bourne then the best example is undoubtedly Nikita, aka La Femme Nikita, which became a television series and was already remade by Hollywood as The Assassin or Point of No Return.

The idea of a female spy is nothing new, the idea of a female spy who has either forgotten or been retrained away from her past isn't anything new either, although it's a bit rarer.

So why is the idea of a female Jason Bourne film supposed to have us running around screaming with excitement? I don't know, but the news is out that the producers of Legion and the writers Doug Cook and David Wiseberg are set on creating such a female led film.

Total Film tell us that it is called Blank State and is the story of a brain damaged female convict who is implanted with the memories and special abilities of a recently murdered female CIA agent. Luckily both are females or there could be a bizarre extra dimension to the film.

As the convict becomes the agent she turns rogue and goes in search of finding out who murdered her CIA agent personality. It's not clear if she realises there are two personalities there or if she has totally become the agent, perhaps better if both are still there.

So nothing totally new because it's a female rogue agent fighting against the agency who made her the way she is, what the interesting part is that she seems to have a dual personality that could be at odds with each other but fighting for the same cause, to find the murderer and maybe put the invading personality to rest.

Of course that's conjecture, but it feels like it could go in that direction doesn't it?



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