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Jack the Giant Killer chosen over X-Men: First Class

BryanSinger.jpgBryan Singer is back in demand, at the moment he has multiple projects on the go, but the two up first are Jack the Giant Killer and X-Men: First Class. With him set to direct both and the projects racing ahead, there was an inevitable clash, but the winner seems to be Jack the Giant Killer, and 20th Century Fox, the studio behind X-Men: First Class seem set on giving away this first film in a planned trilogy, and perhaps losing a strong chance at saving the X-Men franchise.

Meanwhile Warner Bros. and Legendary seem to be the winners as they've locked Singer into directing Jack the Giant Killer. Fox can't wait for him, and while this is being spun as a positive, I am once again concerned for the film.

To be honest I was concerned from the outset, the idea of a kiddies version of the X-Men to try and recreate the strength of the first few films but with a lesser budget seemed a cop out indeed, however the recent talk from Bryan Singer and Lauren Shuler Donner had me all fired up again, this was going to work, and it could be right back to the strength of the first films.

Now? I'm pretty much hitting back to where I was before, Bryan Singer is not directing the film, although he will be producing, and the reason? He's on another film and Fox can't wait for him, they want to push forward with X-Men: First Class regardless because they have a good script.

Well a good script does not a good film make. I don't actually think that anyone said that, but it sounds like someone should have, and if not, I just did.

The positive spin comes from Deadline Hollywood Daily where they are saying that the studio loved the script that Jamie Moss produced from Bryan Singer's treatment that they want the film made as soon as possible, and they see this as the start of a new trilogy.

That's all very well, but it means that they lose Bryan Singer from the film, and losing Singer, the man who created the two best X-Men films, is rather a big deal, and personally I would be pinning much more on the director of the project, an aspect that has incurred some heavy criticism from the audience in the last X-Men film.

The whole story is reflecting what happened with X-Men: The Last Stand (Filmstalker review) and Superman Returns (Filmstalker review) , Warner Bros. and Legendary signed up Singer first for their film before 20th Century Fox had the business sense to sign him up for the third in the X-Men series, and look where that left them with the film, Brett Ratner directing.

As much as they would love to sell this as a good thing, this could allow Jack the Giant Killer to live up to its name and see X-Men: First Class be handed over to another director who kills the trilogy before it begins.



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