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James Cameron interview and talk about his film-making

JamesCameron.jpgThere's not just a long audio interview online with James Cameron by the Writers Guild of America, but there's also a video of James Cameron giving a TED presentation and talking about what made him the creative person that he has become.

The TED talk is an interesting one, as is the audio interview, although the TED video talk is a mere seventeen minutes whereas the WGA interview is is a much longer interview, about an hour and seven minutes.

The TED talk is interesting because James Cameron talks about some of the CG moments that he's created in his films and how he moved forward to Avatar (Filmstalker review). It's great that he jokes with the audience that the reason he made Titanic was to get to dive down to see the wreck of the Titanic. Perhaps that's not all joking.

It's a fascinating talk and well worth watching.

Next up is the huge interview that he participated in with the WGA, and something I've yet to hear in its entirety, hey, it's a long interview, but I tell you what, there's some moments where Cameron addresses the big issue that loads of people have with the script, and there are some really interesting counterpoints made. Oh, and the reveal that he's made prototypes of the dual rotored ships to test to see if they would fly goes beyond ensuring realism in film!

The WGA interview comes through /Film and can be heard right here:

Whatever you think of James Cameron and his films, it's well worth watching and listening to him talk about his passion for film-making and pushing the technology. Not only that, but his passion for the science side of science fiction.

It's a great talk for fans of Cameron and film. Well worth watching.

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