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Jim Henson biographical film

JimHenson.jpgWhile we're seeing a new Muppet film being made by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, the man behind the Muppets themselves looks set to get a film made of his life. It was last year's Hollywood Black List that placed Christopher Weekes' screenplay The Muppet Man at the top of the list of the best unproduced scripts around.

Since then Disney and The Henson Company haven't been seeing eye to eye about the film, mainly because Weekes' script was written without rights obtained from the company. However that may have been solved and we could be seeing the musical muppet biography come to life.

Jim Henson is the man that made the Muppets who they are today and Christopher Weekes' screenplay has brought his life story a step closer to the screen with the aid of musical muppet numbers. Yes, in a style that would probably delight Jim Henson, his life story will be told with the aid of his own creation, the Muppets.

We already know that James Bobin is set to direct a new Muppets film, The Greatest Muppet Movie of all Time, but according to the story in N.Y. Magazine through JoBlo, Disney are also pushing forward with this film and are talking with the Jim Henson Company to develop The Muppet Man.

According to the story both companies are extremely interested in getting hold of Michael Gracey to direct the film. For those of you who don't who he is, and that includes me, he directed those creepy, almost un-watchable Evian adverts which saw babies doing all sorts of things from roller-skating to break-dancing. He's also a well known music video director as well as lined up to direct The Power of the Dark Crystal, the new Dark Crystal film.

I'm not so convinced this is the director for the job, but then the executives have probably seen all his work compared to me just being put off by the baby adverts. Mind you whoever is directing, I'm so excited by the idea of the Jim Henson life story being told by his own creations the Muppets – how genius and beautiful is that?



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