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Knight and Day trailer online

KnightandDay.jpgA new, advertised as the full theatrical, trailer has arrived online for the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz action, thriller and comedy film, Knight and Day, and I think it's looking like bags of fun.

I know some will be turning off before they've even turned on at the thought of Tom Cruise, but I'd say hold off and watch the trailer first, it looks a bit of a cracker and the action is superb.

Cameron Diaz plays a woman who is looking for Mr Right and is heading out on another blind date, however this one is slightly different, for on it she meets a man who turns out to be a spy, played by Tom Cruise, a spy on the run, and she gets caught right in the middle of his thrilling run from more spies and agents.

Basically it's the story of a woman caught up in something much bigger than her which takes over her life, throws her into dangerous situations, and ends up helping her find a new her. Oh and I'm sure on the way the spy and her will fall in love, surely.

You can kind of see the story progression in the trailer where there's a shot of Diaz twisting around Cruise on the motor bike reloading her double handguns as she turns and then shooting from a straddling position, actually she ends up looking rather cool out of it and Cruise is taking the back seat, so to speak.

I think Cruise plays this rather well and the role is really going to suit his own character. Here's the Knight and Day trailer, I love his comment to the guy he's just shot.



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