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Murray says Ghostbusters 3 is crazy talk

BillMurray.jpgWhile everyone is leaping on the story that Bill Murray has revealed how his character is written in Ghostbusters III, confirming the rumour that we heard of before from his co-star and himself, there's something else that caught my ear.

It's the way he's talking about the third film, and the disdain and offhand comments he's firing around about it. I wonder if he's even convinced that it's going to happen, or indeed if he's going to star in it.

The first part of this short clip taken from David Letterman reveals something that we already knew, but it is a big spoiler for the opening of the film and for his character, so I would suggest that if you don't want to hear about it you step away now.

He does show appropriate disdain for the second film, something that makes the audience laugh quite a bit, and a lot of people watching probably nodding away in agreement, however that carries forward into the talk of Ghostbusters III,.

First Bill Murray does confirm, yet again, that his character will most likely die early on, although that won't be the end of him, after all remember that this is Ghostbusters, and we need a new Slimer character, could that be Venkman?

Anyway, in the clip below he does say that when he was asked about returning to the film he said he would only do it if his character died. Viola, they've managed to do just that and probably keep in the film for some time.

That's not exactly news though, he already told everyone that earlier in the month, and Sigourney Weaver already told us the reveal before that.

What I think is more revealing is that he then he goes on to say that it's crazy talk and something about it being people who have way too much time on their hands who stay up all night and come up with these ideas. Is he talking about the film itself? Doesn't sound that he's really keen on the idea does it?

The clip comes from Letterman through YouTube and ShockTillYouDrop.

I'm still with Murray on this one, although I have to say the idea of him coming back as a ghost is rather inspired. I just don't feel his heart is in it, and I'm not convinced that he's certain he's going to do it yet, not if he's talking like this anyway.



I like Murray, always have. I think he has moved on a lot since the days of the Ghostbusters movies and he has, not only as an actor but he seems more happier as a person (going by interviews).

The other (Ghostbusters) actors haven't had the same success as Murray and for them this new movie is something they seem to depend on. I think Murray knows this and hence why he would only be in it if his character dies at the beginning.

Dr. Peter Venkman is the only rememberable character. Other than Slimer.

both of the first two movies were very memorable...

i think to qualify as a strong sequel the producers must carefully make sure the third picture is of a similar standard in terms of production and storyline...

i think without murray the movie will suffer just as it will if they adjust the 'trend' of the picture by having younger ghostbusters feature...

the third movie must feature in new york and have similar premise to the first two...[supernatural prohecy end of days mixed with some element of fantasy...]

the third picture must capture some of the intricate dynamics of newyork [in a way forward like first men in black did]
i thought the painting of the ancient magician 'vigo' was very inventive and memorable element in the second movie...


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