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Myers on Austin Powers IV?

AustinPowers.jpgI have to admit that while the first couple were hilarious, the last Austin Powers was losing it's sheen for me somewhat, and the reliance on some bad humour and an insulting Scottish character really didn't do anything to endear itself to me. However there was comic genius in that series.

Since then we've seen Myers struggle, and Austin Powers remains his career high point, although there were glimmers of hope in other roles. So there are mixed feelings when I read about the resurrection of Austin Powers and the potential for the series return.

Although films like So I Married an Axes Murderer showed potential beyond Powers, remember that was released before Powers arrived, and I have to say that since those films he's not managed to gain the same audience and success.

Of course we could mention Shrek, although it's clear that Mike Myers isn't the overriding reason for the success as he provided the voice for the character and the animation team and writers had a hell of a lot to do with the success of the film.

Even thinking back to Wayne's World, it was clear that franchise went on too long, and it only ran for two films.

His future career shows more promise with films such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Untitled Keith Moon Project where he plays both famous lead characters, films that might bring him back to the fore for his acting ability.

So why would he consider looking at a fourth Austin Powers film? A series and character that have clearly run their course and don't seem to have too much further to go?

According to The Daily Telegraph (the Australian one) through the New York Post he's keen on moving forward with the film and the director Jay Roach revealed that Myers is actually actively working on the fourth film right now and the rumour is that Roach will direct.

However, while the story says that Roach has confirmed he's working on the new film and that it would go somewhere where the previous films haven't gone before, he reveals that Mike Myers is still working on ideas for the film.

"…working on ideas for it, people are definitely talking about it and I'm all good for it."

In fact one could question the real substance of the comment, right now Myers is working on ideas for a fourth script, just ideas at the moment, and people are interesting in the idea, or rather the concept.

To me that sounds far from a fourth film being made, don't you think?



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