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Paranormal Activity 2 has the director

ParanormalActivity.jpgThere's been a bit of shuffling about the director of Paranormal Activity 2, but now that's finally settled and a director has been chosen.

It's still the writer of the film that is the interest for me though, for the success of this film is all about the delivery of something interesting in the script, and they cannot afford to just deliver more of the same.

Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) had some problems, of that there's no doubt, and I would be hoping that this new film would fix those problems and create a new scenario in the story. What it can't possibly do is just have another couple making inanely stupid choices against type to force the story to continue. Oh, and they'll also have to inject some scary moments too. That's why I'm focussed on the writer.

Tod Williams is the man set to direct according to Variety, a story that is much closer to reality than the Brian DePalma rumour, he previously directed The Door in the Floor which starred Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger, with Michael Perry having written the script.

Now Perry is the interesting choice, because although he's mainly known for writing television shows he does have some great titles to his career - Millenium, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Guardian, The Dead Zone, all have a number of episodes to his name.

It could well be that we have the story for the sequel and now it's down to the director to bring it to the screen with conviction and ensure that they aren't going to do anything silly with character decisions, some of the failing points of the first film.



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