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Pet Sematary remake

StephenKing.jpgPet Sematary is headed for a remake. I wrote about this back in 2006, and at the time the rumour that George Clooney was going to star popped up and disappeared quite quickly as just that, a complete rumour.

However it seems that the idea of the remake didn't stay dead, even though it was slated for 2008 and nothing happened, it seems to be back to life, again, this time it has a scriptwriter and someone who has worked on King before.

Pet Semetary was a good horror at the time, I read the book and was rather taken with it and the film delivered some strong surprises, as well as a low budget sequel. Both films carried recognisable faces, but they've been forgotten of since with word of the occassional remake popping up from time to time.

Now the Pet Sematary remake seems to be gaining some ground as Matthew Greenberg, who wrote the Stephen King adaptation 1408, is set to write the screenplay.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter and they reveal that the remake is being taken seriously this time.

Pet Sematary told the story of a family that moves from the city to the country, settling in Maine unsurprisingly. They discover a Pet Sematary nearby, one that is supposed to be atop an ancient burial ground, and so when the family cat dies they bury it there, only to discover it coming back to life. It's not long before they discover some odd behavioural changes in the cat, and it becomes incredibly anti-social and aggressive.

Then tragedy befalls the family when the young son is killed in a terrible road accident. The distraut father buries him in the Sematary and he too comes back to life, and the effects that were apparent in the cat are suddenly ten fold in the boy.

It's a nice story and plays out well, and there are scenes in the film and book that stay with me to this day. I wonder though if a remake would manage to recreate those scenes and in years to come someone like me, if not me myself, will be saying the same thing about the remake?

Is the writer of 1408 the right one for the job? Remember too that he didn't direct, just write. What do you think?



I think it would be amazing to see another Stephen King movie come around. even if it is a remake of Pet Sematary, which by the way, scared the sh*t out of me as a younger boy. I probably watched the movie soo many times after that and to this date i still feel a sence of aniexty when i see Rachel's sister Zelda's spine begin to twist as young Rachel begins to feed her. Stephen King is deffinatley a man of true talent in his writings as well as producing fear.

Well I think his work went in a dip for a while, but I do agree that film wise, Pet Sematary is an overlooked one. I did enjoy too and some of those scenes are incredibly creepy.

While that's down to the imagination of King to bring them to life, the writer and director have a fair bit to do with the film version too.

So you'd be happy with a modern remake then?

I agree with Jud Crandall as he says "Sometimes Dead is better," and Jud is 1005 right dead isbetter! and honestly pet sematary should be laid 2 rest period! the second pet smatary sucked bigtime if u want my opinon. lets just leave pet semtary dead . the town of ludlow wuld agreee!!!

the only way a remake is going to work is if is based on the book if you guys remember the book judd had a wife and she dies halfway threw the book and there were other things those tards left out of the book

the only way a remake is going to work is if is based on the book if you guys remember the book judd had a wife and she dies halfway threw the book and there were other things those tards left out of the book


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