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Planet of Apes prequel director?

PlanetoftheApes.jpgI honestly thought that we would never hear of this project again, a Planet of the Apes prequel seemed to be set to mess with the whole timeline of the Apes films to date which then was scrapped with the director leaving the project.

However it kept going, and word was that major names were being approached to continue the film, working down some list that the producers/studio had to make the film. Now it appears they've struck someone that's willing to pick it up, and they're going to be reworking the script, perhaps for the better.

Rupert Wyatt is the man that's set to take the lead of the Planet of the Apes prequel and he's been brought on the project to initially work on the script that previously had been rewriting the whole Apes story to date.

If you'll remember, and you can head back to my previous story to get the complete run down of what was happening, Scott Frank was going to be developing a film that would see a genetically engineered ape begin the rise that would see all apes turn against man and become the dominant species, and this ape was not fathered from those that were shown in the whole time cycle from the previous franchise - forgetting Tim Burton's version of Planet of the Apes which returned to the original novel and which I enjoyed.

To me that was a wrong move, for the original franchise did something very clever with the whole storyline and to just ignore that and try and create a new one seems very wrong.

I hope that Rupert Wyatt will be re-writing the script to take into account the original storyline and develop the films to fill in the huge gap that was left unexplored in the original franchise, how the apes rose to power and defeated man.

Just think of the marketing and profit potential there too, creating new films and tying in with the original series could allow for multiple boxsets, reissues, all that stuff that marketing companies and the studios would love.

Then there's the fact that the fans would like it too. I would love a series of films exploring that missing gap and tying in with the old Planet of the Apes films, wouldn't you? Or would you really want to see the entire franchise re-imagined and start off from the beginning again, or are you too young to remember them and/or care?

Rupert Wyatt delivered a strong film previously in The Escapist (Filmstalker review), and it was a great film despite the flaws. The script was very clever, and he directed it well, and if we're looking to that film for a basis I'd say that he could give us a strong character and story for a Planet of the Apes prequel, and deliver some twists and turns on the way.

Calm hats on now though, the story from Deadline Hollywood Daily through The Playlist tells us that Wyatt is on to help with the script and there's no date for release yet. So there's a chance that this could still not happen, and there's a chance that his script could go nowhere to address the complete change of timeline.

Still, there's hope.



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