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Predators trailer online

Predators.jpgI've just returned from my holiday to see the trailer for Predators, and I'm excited. There's a great deal in it to be excited about in the trailer, a great deal indeed.

I've just watched it a second time and I'm beginning to believe that they really could get the Predator franchise back on track, and there's a chance, a slim chance, that Predators could end up being better than Predator itself, but am I getting ahead of myself?

Let's face it, trailers can make anything look good, we see it every week, but there's something pretty damn cool about this trailer for Predators, and it's the fact that it seems to be setting itself apart from Predator already.

Of course there are connections back to Predator in the trailer, but what I'm surprised about is that they haven't played on them and the main selling point of the trailer is of the utter fear and terror of the people involved, once we've met them of course.

Watch the trailer for Predators below, if you haven't already seen it, and marvel at just how it's taking a stand for itself, when the obvious and easy way out for the Hollywood film would be to make all the connections it can with the original, tie in the Adrien Brody character with Arnold Schwarzenegger's, connect some of the other characters with the team from the first, make some nice references, and push the audience back to that film.

Now they do that with some things, some subtle, in the background things, but the rest of it is saying two things. Brody's character takes the lead of the group and he seems to be a naturally strong leader. The second is that the entire team, even him, are scared out of their minds at some point, highly outnumbered, and look like they're all set to die.

I love the feeling of tension and fear throughout, and from this it's looking like it could do the original proud.

Nimród Antal looks like he's directed this to really push the horror element, and I don't mean the blood and gore horror, I mean the psychological fear.

The story sees the Predators take the best killers and warriors they find on Earth back to their home planet where they've built a game reserve to hunt them all for sport. A group of individuals meet up on the reserve as they begin to discover why they are there and what their fate is going to be.



I love this trailer and the main reason is because it doesn't reveal too much of the Predators, but after all it doesn't have to. What I like about this is that it has the same tone as the original Predator movie and a similar creepy element found in the Alien franchise.

I'm interested to see how this film pans out. After all, Schwarznegger barely made it alive battling one Predator, I wonder how this group will handle a planet full of them.


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