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Quarantine 2 not a remake of [REC] 2

Quarantine.jpgHaving just seen [REC] 2 I have to say I'm delighted that the Hollywood shot by shot remake of [REC], Quarantine, is not going to follow the path of the Spanish sequel. Not that it was bad, far from it, [REC]2 was superb, it just means that the Hollywood version will be trying to find something new and treading its own path.

However when you hear what path they are thinking of treading, it's the exact thing that I hope the Spanish films don't do in the proposed third outing.

[REC] told the story of an apartment building which was quarantined almost as soon as authorities discovered that there was some form of contagious virus inside, spreading like wildfire. It was transmitted by body fluids and turned the infected into mad killers who would stop at nothing to infect and kill those still alive.

The film followed survivors in the apartment block as they tried to find a way out and stay alive and the entire film was in the first person perspective, filmed from the camera of a television reporter and her cameraman who had been stationed with a fire crew for the night and had responded to the early alarm calls from the building.

It was a great film made so much better by being secured to the one location and the scary ending. Quarantine was the Hollywood remake of the film, turning it into English almost word for word and shot for shot.

Now Quarantine 2 is heading towards production according to ShockTillYouDrop through JoBlo and John Pogue is set to write and direct the film. He wrote U.S. Marshals, the sequel of sorts to The Fugitive, and they also have rumour of what could happen to the story.

If the story is correct then Quarantine 2 is leaving the confines of the apartment block which [REC] and [REC]2 is so happily occupying, and they intend to place the new Quarantine in an airport.

It also appears to be heading direct to DVD, which isn't a good sign for the film and suggests that it may not turn out as strong as the previous film, but then that did copy directly from [REC].

For me though the loss is that they are leaving the apartment, and it seems as though they will be severing ties with that storyline. It almost sounds as though they will just be setting up a new Quarantine in the airport and losing the strength that the [REC] series is displaying.

Having watched [REC] 2 I loved the fact that they returned to the apartment so well. Bringing new twists and turns to the story without falling on clichés and delivering more of the same, in fact they managed to turn around the entire story and I'm desperate to see what the third will bring, once again hoping that they retain the setting within the apartment block.

I feel that if they leave that setting it's just going to be opened up to something far too large in scale to succeed as these two previous films and become a completely different film. Mind you, I couldn't understand how they could progress from the first [REC] so well, so they could well prove me wrong again.

Perhaps that's what the makers of Quarantine 2 have realised, they have to keep it retained within an interesting location, and they've chosen the airport. I'm glad that they won't be doing a shot for shot of [REC] 2 though.



Wha????? they cant just change the story line??? Rec 2 totally proved me wrong on horror sequels... I was like WOW!!! Of how they kept they story alive and the awesome twist at the very end ;)

gives me chills just thinking about it

any Idea of when shooting will begin with Quarantine 2?


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