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Red Dawn remake beaten by Tomorrow: When the War Began?

TomorrowWhentheWarBegan.jpgA trailer for the film Tomorrow: When the War Began by Stuart Beattie has appeared online and watching it I was taken aback at what it is, basically it's the Red Dawn remake before the Red Dawn remake has even arrived.

Technically it's actually based on the John Marsden novels (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which concentrates on a group of teenagers who are away on a camping trip to enjoy themselves, and each other. When they awake after a night of partying Australia is being invaded, and when they return home from the bush they find their town, and the surrounding country, has been taken over.

They don't stop there and when they are attacked they decide to stand up and fight, beginning a Guerilla war against the invading forces, and creating a series of novels that tell their story of hardship and fighting from their perspective, a series which has gathered a fair amount of fans.

It does sound a lot like Red Dawn, but much more dramatic, looking to the characters and some really terrible decisions they have to make. Indeed on their return to their town they find that everyone has either been captured or killed, a fate that carries to a few of their own friends too.

You can read more about the series on Wikipedia, and you can see the trailer over at YourMovies.au through Latino Review.

I think it looks superb, and not just some of the opening scenes either. Sure everyone happens to be really good looking, but it has the potential to deliver something that the Red Dawn remake might not, some real drama.

It's Stuart Beattie's first outing as director, while his writing is well known from the Pirates of the Caribbean series to Collateral, Derailed (Filmstalker review) and 30 Days of Night (Filmstalker review), his directing is as yet unproven. However this trailer suggests he might just pull it out of the bag for the Marsden novel he directed. A franchise perhaps?



Please don't tell everyone to look it up on Wikipedia, I find it very inaccurate and misleading. Also, Red Dawn reference, don't get me started. My opinion: Superman and Batman are more alike.

IF you want real proper and accurate info on the series go to www.tomorrow-movies.com created by dedicated fans of the book series that has pushed for it to be made into movies for 5+ years. This really is a dream come true for us all.

As for the reference to Red Dawn, I guess there are some small similarities, but as Dylan said, not really comparable. TWTWB is not a remake of a average 80's film, it is based on a international best selling book/series by a well acclaimed Australian author. The character development alone is far superior than I think Red Dawn will ever offer let alone anything else.

I am really excited for this film :D

I like Wikipedia, I find it informative, on the whole accurate and often gives a much more human view of a topic.

Come now though, the premise is hugely similar to Red Dawn, you can't deny that, it absolutely is. Like I say in the article though, the story seems to deliver something a lot more dramatic and meatier.

Josh your last statement is the most encouraging, for me it doesn't matter about the source, it's the fact that there's much more about the characters, and from the blurb I read on Wikipedia (and the ones on Amazon from other people), much more reality.


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