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Rohtenburg (Grimm Love) trailer online

Rohtenburg.jpgThis trailer has me intrigued. I first heard of the film which pulled the horrifying true story into a movie back in 2006, and then again in May 2009 that the film had been held up by the courts in Germany from it's making in 2006 was allowed to be released.

It uses the true story of Armin Meiwes who sourced someone on the internet who was willing to be murdered and eaten.

What's surprising about the film was that it was being made by Martin Weisz and starred Keri Russell and Thomas Kretchmann. Seems slightly bigger than the shock horror film that one might expect to be exploiting the headlines.

Rohtenburg tells the story of a student who is examining the case of a cannibal who murdered and ate someone, Russell plays the student and Kretchmann the serial killer, and all in all it sounded a little exploitative of the real events.

Since all this happened way back I've never actually seen a trailer for it, until now.

Before I reveal the trailer, here's an extended blurb for the film that will set the scene much better.

Katie Armstrong, a young American woman studying Criminal Psychology in Germany finds herself inexplicably drawn to a murder case which would soon become the subject of her thesis. The psychology behind Oliver Hartwin, a homosexual cannibal killer who advertised on the Internet for a lover willing to be murdered and devoured as the ultimate act of love and self-sacrifice. As a woman whose past relationships have all failed, Katie doubts her own ability to find love and becomes obsessed with understanding their relationship.

While researching Oliver, Katie becomes entrenched in his life, and begins delve deeper and deeper into his past. She explores his childhood and the childhood of his victim looking for any clues as to what made him become what he is today. Piece by piece she fleshes them up by retracing both of their lives systematically. Their homes, their jobs, their relationships. From children into adulthood, she begins to lose herself in their story. With every new discovery, her emotions begin to get the better of her. Katie lets herself go, compulsively plunging into a deeply alienated lifestyle. This downward spiral culminates in the discovery of the video-tape made by Oliver recording the final moments of his victim’s life. Witnessing the courtship between the two men, and the final atrocity of the killing, Katie hits rock bottom. At the base of her own emotional sanity, she discovers the inner strength to pick herself and begin the smallest steps to rebuilding her life

Now, here's the trailer for Rohtenburg, which does seem to have a pretty dark and scary tone.

Has anyone seen the film? Is it worth watching, or is it as it feels, exploiting true events and our own darkest fears?



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