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Rome series to film?

Rome.jpgRome, the television series from HBO, garnered a lot of critical acclaim as well as a strong audience, yet it didn't run for too long and it disappeared in a flurry, like many of the great series out there that gain a huge following.

There's been talk of a film version quite a bit since the series finished, but nothing really came of it. Now there's talk of the film once again, and perhaps this is the most serious set of rumours we've heard about it.

However they are rumours, and they may never happen, but yet they come from a pretty strong place, and may not be so much wishful thinking as we might think.

Entertainment Weekly through Latino Review has the story that several sources have told them the film is happening, and that the creator of the series, Bruno Heller who is now responsible for The Mentalist, has actually finished a script for the film.

They also say that Morning Light Productions has financed the production of the script and is set to produce the film, more than that they say that Kevin McKidd, who played Lucius Vorenus, and Ray Stevenson, who played Titus Pullo, will likely star in the film, which for fans of the series might seem a bit of a surprise, or maybe not.

Even more than that they say that the film picks up some four years after the series ended, and will start in Germany.

I haven't actually watched the Rome series so I can't comment on if this is a good idea or not, particularly to pick up directly from the series too, I'll leave that to people who have seen it. Tell us if it's a good idea or not. Should the film pick up from the series, or just look at something new in the Roman Empire?



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