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Room in Rome (Habitación en Roma) adult only trailer

RoominRome.jpgI have to admit that I looked into Room in Rome (Habitación en Roma) purely over the not safe for work poster and the blurb of the film about two women in a hotel room. The poster had been edited because it was supposedly too rude for us to see, which turned out to be complete rubbish, however the trailer certainly is very explicit and carries an age verification.

However looking into the film and the writer/director behind it, there seems to be a lot less sex and a lot more film-making behind it, so it struck me as curious as to why the trailer is selling it purely on a sexual level.

Julio Medem wrote and directed Room in Rome (Habitación en Roma) which stars Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko as the two women in the hotel room in Rome.

Anaya has previously been seen in another Medem film, Lucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucia), as well as Talk to Her (Hable con ella), Don't Tempt Me (Sin noticias de Dios), Van Helsing and Mesrine: Part 1 - Death Instinct (L'instinct de mort) (Filmstalker review), a host of star studded films.

Yarovenko, on the other hand, doesn't have a lot of roles to her name, although Diary of a Sex Addict (Diario de una ninfómana) does stick out.

It's Medem's other films that make for interesting reading, she's had a fair mix of films and quite a list of talent in them too, and I mean acting talent.

All of this makes me think of something much more than the trailer suggests. Of course the trailer could be the first to grab our attention and the actual story will out, but so far it looks like a soft-core romp, from purely the trailer that is. To be fair the visible green screen shot in the middle does suggest that maybe the trailer isn't the complete one.

Here's the age restricted, and for adults only, trailer which comes through JoBlo.

Seriously, what do you think? Considering Medem's career there has to be more than the trailer suggests? Currently I would feel more than awkward going in to see this film by myself, or even with company.



Go see the movie. Or buy the DVD. It is NOT a porn movie. It is a quality movie about the two girls - plot, dialogue and then a bit of sex. But very erotic.
It makes me think of Truffaut's Jules and Jim.
It is about love, hopes, spiritual connection, loneliness etc. Not a bad excuse for sex. But there is a lot of naked skin (75% of the movie). If you want porn, it will probably be a disappointment. It is very moody.
Depending on your taste, I would recommend it!


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