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Salt on-set footage

Salt.jpgThere's a clip online today from Angelina Jolie's latest film Salt, where she plays an American agent who is suspected of being a spy after a Russian defector reveals that they have a sleeper in the CIA and points the finger right towards her.

She heads out on the run and the CIA are hot on her trail while she continues to deny all knowledge.

It's a great idea and has me harking back to the great film with Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman, No Way Out. I just hope they don't go exactly the same way with this storyline and that there's something a bit more to it.

This clip for Salt is a behind the scenes montage from Entertainment Weekly, and the voice-over guy is really building up the film something rotten.

I love the line about Angelina Jolie doing a lot of her own stunts, and then we see her doing the very dangerous stunt of...sitting on a stationary motorbike.

Still, I think it's going to be a strong film and play well to Jolie, have a look at the behind the scenes footage for some more from the film.



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