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Scream 4 is official

Scream.jpgWe've known that Scream 4 was racing ahead since Kevin Williamson started talking about it online, since then we've heard that the key players were returning, it was just Wes Craven that was holding out, but no more.

Now the official announcement has arrived and it tells us that Wes Craven is indeed taking the reigns and will be directing Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette who are all set to reprise their roles, but the big part still remains, this is a handover episode to a younger team.

There's not much else to the announcement apart from the continuing comment that this is a film to pass the franchise onto a new group of actors, so while we might be looking at a new trilogy being written, we most likely won't see these names return beyond the fourth film.

As Variety tells us:

"…will reprise their roles along with a group of younger thesps."

It's something about Scream 4 I've been talking about since it was first revealed it would be handed over. While everyone is excited about the prospect of the team returning, I'm wondering where this is going.

First of all I'm wondering how long the original team will be in this film, will it be a handover during it, or by the end of it? Will we see the new team take over from the old right at the end and set it all up for the trilogy? Who knows outside of that core team.

I'm sure we'll start to hear more as time marches on, but right now I'm still very dubious, and after this film even more so.



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