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Sean Bean's twin roles in Ca$h

SeanBean.jpgI have to say that although the trailer for Ca$h doesn't look the slickest or highest production, it does have some attraction. First there's Sean Bean himself, and secondly there's Chris Hemsworth.

There's another reason though, Sean Bean playing two characters, both English, and both baddies. However the trailer doesn't look polished and slick, although there are some nice touches and moments in the film.

For me it'll be interesting just to see Sean Bean in a leading role, even if the casting haven't been inspired enough to do anything other than cast him in a bad guy role...again.

Here's the blurb for the film:

In these hard economic times, what would you do for cash? A stroke of good luck turns lethal for Sam Phelan (Chris Hemsworth) and his wife Leslie (Victoria Profeta) when they are faced with a life—changing decision which brings strange and sinister Pyke Kubic (Sean Bean) to their doorstep.

As Pyke leads Sam and Leslie on a tumultuous adventure through the streets of Chicago, each are pulled deeper and deeper into a desperate spiral of deception and violence… All in the name of cash.

CA$H is a quirky psychological thriller that explores the mysterious power which money wields over humans, triggering despicable acts to possess it. At a time when foreclosures, debt and unemployment are so common, CA$H takes a bold look at our human foibles of greed, materialism, cowardice and immorality amidst a backdrop ripe with satire, stereotypes, mind games and consequences.

It's a quirky psychological thriller? Oh dear, that doesn't sound great to me. The director Stephen Milburn Anderson hasn't anything to his name that leaps out and wants me to talk about, and his previous two feature length films don't really seem to inspire, indeed his previous Dead Men Can't Dance carries Michael Biehn and Adrian Paul, which does suggest that he's working upwards on the casting ladder at least.

We've seen the concept for this film a few times before, handled in various different ways. Could this one be any different?

You can see the trailer in Quicktime and high definition over at Apple Trailers, but even with Sean Bean playing two roles I'm not holding out a great deal of hope. What do you think of Ca$h?



You've just blown any legitimacy you have may have ever earned by confusing Trueblood's Ryan Kwanten with Ca$h's Chris Hemsworth.

I've seen the film (the DVD came out in Europe last month) and trust me, the opinion you have presented based solely on the write up and trailer is total bull**. This is truly a film that has to be seen in its entirety to fully appreciate it. Its a brilliant film.

Hardly Sable, take a breath and relax, sure I made a mistake but the world is not going to come crashing down because of it.

Plus in the grand scheme of things, it's hardly that make or break.

While you might not agree with my opinion, I haven't seen the film and it's judged on the marketing that the studio are giving the film. It's still a very legitimate opinion.


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