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Sex and the City 2 plot details

SexandtheCity.jpgI don't really know if I'm that excited to learn about Sex and the City 2, for I do feel that it's treading well visited ground, once again. However I know there's a lot of people out there who are so why not do a quick rundown of the details that Michael Patrick King has revealed?

What's most surprising is that there doesn't seem to be any really big twist in this story, and previous speculation of financial troubles for Mr Big, a break-up, or a baby, don't seem to be mentioned here, in fact the plot sounds a little like life is just moving forward without a lot of surprises.

It's confirmed that the girls are holidaying in Abu Dhabi, although most of the filming was carried out in Africa as the stricter rules for the Middle East prohibited a lot of the girls doing what they do and saying what they say.

The story for Sex and the City 2 is going to explore the "happily ever after" part of films, where we find out how Carrie is adapting to being a wife from the single life she knew and banked on for so long.

However there is a surprise in that an ex-boyfriend will be creeping back into the story to cause some confusion, and it's an ex-boyfriend that fans of the series will be dying to hear from, Aidan.

Michael Patrick King tells us a little more about that in the extensive interview about the film over at Collider:

"…whenever anybody tells me they like Carrie and they like "Sex and the City", I always ask them-women-I say one question-Big or Aidan? And there's usually a split. There's never anybody else, it's always Mr. Big or Aidan and they represent two very different male characters. And they represent two different things to her. So if I'm looking back at the past, I thought I'm in a magical place, why not make something happen."

Now what would be that thing that happens? It's interesting that he's decided to bring back an ex-love and probably tempt Carrie back to that single life from the married one she's now trying to deal with.

It's an age old story of temptation, but turned on the woman for a change, but will there be more to it than that? Will the temptation turn into action? Or will it be just temptation and nothing else? I don't think there's any fear of her not ending up with Mr Big at the end of the film but perhaps realising that her single life is gone forever and the past is truly behind her.

So if that's all we're getting then there's not a great deal of surprise in the story. Of course it could be turned completely on its head and we see her end up back with Aidan. Now that would rock the boat something rotten, but would it make the fans happy?



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