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Snipes responds to Blade 4 rumours

Blade.jpgWesley Snipes has finally been asked about another Blade, and he's obviously far from saying no, even if there is absolutely nothing happening on the production side.

Also let's be fair about how this question came about, the interviewer asks "would you do another [insert film title here] film if asked?", to which the interviewee responds in the positive, because if they didn't they'd be ruling them out of a potential role and pay.

Okay, now I've gotten that cynical side out, let's see what Wesley Snipes is saying about the potential to return to the Blade franchise and right the wrong that he, and the fans, feel about Blade: Trinity.

It's well documented about the problems with the film and on set, with some saying it was Snipes, and others saying it was the production, and everyone agreeing that whatever it was it didn't do the film any favours.

What is good is the way that Snipes answers the question, he's not over-hyping where the film is currently and seems to be pretty honest about where his involvement is right now, nowhere.

Here's what he said to MTV through First Showing:

"I'm really surprised to see how people are anticipating me doing another one, so you never know. There are some things we really want to do that we didn't get a chance to do...

...The first and the second one were experiments, and we started to get better. If we do another one, it will reflect our maturity and our better understanding of the genre. [I'd like to see] a larger, multiracial cast, and it would be great to have some rehearsals before some of the action sequences."

I don't know about you but I like the way he says that, and I'm willing to ignore what people say behind the scenes because I'm a fan of the Blade series, well the first and second anyway, and I'd love to see more of the character.

I think what he's saying in that second paragraph is intriguing, but the latter half is a bit of a dig at something else don't you think? Perhaps Trinity?

Regardless I think fans of film can agree that Blade was cracking and there's plenty more scope for another one, isn't there?



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