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Spy Hunter restarted?

Spyhunter.jpgSpy Hunter has struggled to be made a number of times, and we've heard that Dwayne Johnson has been eyeing the role, Paul W.S. Anderson has been set to direct, as well as John Woo at one point, however it never made it and Universal eventually canned the attempt at production.

Now news has arrived that the film is to be resurrected with Warner Bros. as they recently bought the rights to Midway Games, the company behind the original videogame and therefore the rights owners.

So Warner Bros. are resurrecting the film and set to create the new version, but most noticeable are the names missing from the story, no Dwayne Johnson, no John Woo, no Paul W.S. Anderson, no nothing.

Well that's not true, according to the Empire story Chad St John is writing the script and the story remains pretty much the same and the focus will be on the agent and his super weaponry laden car which he uses to chase down the bad guys. Kitt mark II, or would it be mark I?

There needs to be a lot more meat to this story to really make it a successful film, as it goes we don't have much for a story so far, just the dressing around the story, the fancy car and the agent.

What also strikes me is the fact that there's not really a huge fan base for the game. Of course many of us remember it, and remember playing it, but is it really the only thing that would entice us to go and see a film about it? Certainly not for me.

This needs a lot more work on it and some decent names behind the camera to make me sit up and take notice. Surely you're not going to leap off to the cinema just because it has the name Spy Hunter?



needs to follow on from the famous car exchanges sequence in spy who loved me 1977...

[inventive and exciting - check out the opening sequence to cannonball run 2 for some high speed venture action and direction...]

keep the identity of villian secret to highen the drama...only show expensive looking fast cars and a intro sequence which has an arcade look...


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