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The Disappearance of Alice Creed trailer online

GemmaArterton.jpgI had heard about the disappearance of Alice Creed the other day, talking about the character and how it was totally different from anything else that Gemma Arterton had done, and then the article revealed that she was not only going to be nude during the film but that she'd spend most of it crying.

Then I saw that the cast included Eddie Marsan and I was starting to get interested. British film, kidnapping and ransom, and something inside me hoped that there was something different to the film. When I saw the trailer I felt justified.

It seems that Gemma Arterton is showing some real saavy in her career and not sticking with those big blockbuster roles. While some might be trying to typecast her as a beauty with little substance, she's certainly not having that in her current choice of role.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed carries a seemingly straightforward plot, two men kidnap a woman with rich parents in order to extort money from them. That was what I knew up front, then the trailer revealed much more.

It seems that the captive lady understands a lot more than they give her credit for and seduces one of her captors, the weaker one, and pitches him against the other. Add to that the fact that the two kidnappers have meticulously planned the entire scheme and the possibility that the other kidnapper knows what is going on, and we have an interesting setting for a thriller. Indeed the trailer which follows suggests that there are twists and turns galore.

Now that has to have you interested.



It certainly should have you interested!

I saw this at the London Film Festival - it was excellent. I'm well into their facebook page too, trying to win the UK premiere of the film at my local cinema at the moment! If you get a chance, give it your vote on the page please!!


Oops, forgot to say which cinema I nominated... It's the Cinema de lux - Bristol. Ta!

Thanks for letting us know about the competition, I'll certainly enter my local cinema!


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