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The Heavy trailer offers interesting cast

StephenRea.jpgI had never heard of The Heavy before today, and really I didn't expect that much as I started watching it, but then the cast names popped up and I was pleasantly surprised. It's a real mixed bag of a cast though, Stephen Rea, Shannyn Sossamon, Christopher Lee, Vinnie Jones (with a bad beard), Sadie Frost, Adrian Paul and even Lee Ryan of boy band Blue fame.

Mixed bag indeed, but you know the trailer does have a few promises. Could you be tempted with that mixed cast? Watch and see.

The trailer for The Heavy seems to tell one story, but then reading the blurb there's a completely different one that comes out. Here's the blurb for you before the trailer:

Sibling rivalry turned into betrayal between two brothers. One a prime candidate for Prime Minister, the other a henchman for a successful, yet shady businessman. Presented with an opportunity to take revenge against his brother, our anti-hero must come to terms with the truth in a world where you can trust no one and loyalty is rare.

From the trailer it just seems like a hard man who is offered a way out of his debt to his boss with one last job is set-up and has to fight for his survival. Perhaps both stories are true, but the eclectic cast really has caught my eye - good or bad?

Oh, and Jones doesn't play the hard man surprisingly enough, it's Gary Stretch.



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