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The Howling remake goes soft and fluffy

TheHowling.jpgI can't believe what the news is on The Howling remake and the direction it's taking. I really do hope this is just an early rough idea for the script, otherwise the excellent Howling story is going to be thrown out the window to capture that PG13 audience that is slowly taking over Hollywood.

It was July 2006 that we first talked about the remake, and then we heard that Joe Nimziki was set to direct. Now we're hearing about the plot, and it sounds shocking.

Apparently it was at the end of last year that we heard about the plot of The Howling: Reborn being described as Twilight crossed with Gossip Girl and The Lost Boys, I read that on AITH and quite frankly it frightened me and prayed it wasn't true. Except it looks like it is.

Bloody Disgusting have new news about the plot and reveal that it's about a teenager graduating from high school and manages to finally get the girl he's always been after at school, the problem is though once he gets her he realises he's cursed to be a werewolf. Meanwhile there's a pack of werewolves who want to kill him and his new found girlfriend.

Wow, is it me or does that sound like a sex-swap Twilight novel? This is not the Howling, not at all, and it's another sign that Hollywood is just eating itself and regurgitating everything in a formulaic, non-offensive version to capture that high returns market of the PG13 marketplace.

The Howling this is not, not by a long shot.



Howling? the werewolves look like a $ 1 budget, jaja reborn? no, better ask for refund if you paid to suffer that jajajaja


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