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Tron Legacy sparking a trilogy?

TronLegacy.jpgIs it any surprise that there are rumours about a trilogy for the new Tron Legacy? After all it's either going to make sure that the fans do attend the film in the cinema, or that if it does well Disney will leap on the film and eek every bit of cash they can out of it.

Mind you there's a third option, we might just get a superb trilogy of films in the Tron universe. However, if the rumours are to be believed, there isn't going to be a tie in with the previous Tron film, we'll be going off in a forward direction.

Actually it could be more than a trilogy, it just depends how long the franchise will run for, and there might also be a CG animated television series following Tron Legacy that will keep us going until the second film comes along. All if the returns are good that is.

Blue Sky Disney through First Showing have the rumour, and while there's nothing said about where it's coming from, it does seem pretty likely, but for a number of potential reasons.

As we've seen before, the talk of a trilogy always depends on how well the first film goes, and when there's an existing fan base for the franchise the studio want to guarantee their attendance. What better way than to tell them that the future of a franchise based on the film that they love won't happen unless they go to the cinema and buy tickets?

Of course that's a slightly cynical way to look at it, even though it's happened time and time again.

The other option is that the studio want to get as much money out of the franchise as possible, and they are going to make Tron films until the money stops coming on.

Of course they could be making Tron films to the highest of standards and really making the fanbase happy. They might just have realised that they can do all three, make a great Tron film, entice the existing fans in for the film, and get them back for as many films as they can make raking in the cash.

I hope it's the last option, because we'll get great Tron films while the studio get their money.

The only thing I can see about it all is that Tron Legacy has to be good, and for a franchise to work they'll really have to get the story going in the right direction.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Tron the original film? Do you think that there could be a franchise to be had?



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