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Update: Tron Legacy trailer online in HD

TronLegacy.jpgI saw the trailer for Tron Legacy go live today, but being away from home and working non-stop the last few days I couldn't get a chance to write about it. However I did watch it, and I have to tell you it's superb.

From the opening scene it captures the attention and the imagination, and then the action starts and it's hard not to be sucked right in.

The references to Tron are right there, up front, and blazing a trail. I love the fact that Hollywood hasn't tried to just remake it totally and slap on a re-imagining tag, they've been so faithful and honourable to the original and updating everything in the best ways possible – just look at the effects, some of those backdrops and shots are just fantastic.

Plus there's the cast of old and new, Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges are there, and we're going to see Michael Sheen and John Hurt as the two new surprisingly big names added to Tron Legacy.

I predict that this could be amazing. Indeed the director Joseph Kosinski is being touted as someone in the same mould as James Cameron, a director with vast amounts of technical knowledge that is able to apply them to film practically and can do something he can't, keep the budget in check. Deadline Hollywood Daily have more positive things to say about him, but suffice to say he's being eyed for many a major film.

Enough of the praise and ego-building, let's see what all the fuss is about, and boy is that fuss looking like it's worthy:

Amazing. It got my excitement right up as soon as it began. Doesn't it look great?

You can now see the trailer in high definition over at Apple Trailers.



Hot damn that looks awesome :)

I have to admit I thought this would be pretty poor. But watching the trailer makes my very excited to see this. Great music too.


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