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Vaughn and Goldman on Bloodshot

JaneGoldman.jpgMatthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman have already set up their next project it would seem that it's going to be another comic book, if the rumours are correct.

They're looking to adapt Bloodshot, the title character of the comic series from Valiant comics, who was a genetically engineered killer that turned against those who made him, and against everyone in fact. A sort of modern day Frankenstein.

Angelo Mortalli was the character that became Bloodshot, he had his memories wiped, his blood stream filled with nanites, tiny computerised machines which enhanced his abilities such as vision and hearing, allowed him to heal at amazing rates, control electronic devices, and a few other enhanced powers. Damn those nanites are good.

The experiment goes wrong, he becomes angry, violent, uncontrollable and turns against the people who created him, intent on piecing together what he was and what he has become.

Cutting through the sidetracking of the rumour from Latino Review's source, there's really not that much to tell after this information, there are two stories for Bloodshot, and the film is going to be adapted from volume 2, which tells the above story of the reanimated killer.

Sounds like an interesting project, and once again the film will be financed through Matthew Vaughn and his private funding rather than the studios, and that means a pretty raw and realistic story, something perhaps much more adult than the studios would consider making for their target demographic.

What's even better is that the superb writing partnership of Jane Goldman and Vaughn is continuing, and they are bound to deliver another strong film.



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