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Warner's dual Excalibur films

WarrenEllis.jpgWhile we heard that Bryan Singer was going to be directing some form of remake of John Boorman's classic Excalibur film, I bet you didn't expect to hear that there was going to be another Excalibur project starting up to rival it. Except there's more than that, the rival project is set-up at the same studio, Warner Bros.

You might wonder what they are thinking, are they going to let one film win out over the other, or will they let both through to production and see if they can both create a life of their own?

What's more is there's a rumour of who might be directing the film. Now as always I'm telling you to take this with a huge pinch of salt, but the rumoured name of the director looking to join the project is Guy Ritchie.

Now that may not be a strange a choice as you might first thing, for he did do a great job with Sherlock Holmes and deliver a film that is far from what you would have expected from Ritchie, there's the thought that he might be evolving as a director and that this step could be another strong one for him and a rewarding one for the audience.

After all, couldn't you say that the story of Arthur and his Knights is indeed an olden gang tale?

The rumour that Ritchie is interested in the project, so please note the possibilities and complete lack of solidity in that statement, comes from The Hollywood Cog through Pajiba.

They suggest that since Bryan Singer is going to be so busy for a while on other projects that this Excalibur film might step up and take the mark, and that Ritchie is looking into directing it.

So what's the story? Well it's the adaptation of the Warren Ellis version of the story, a piece of work that the man is involved in right now, and as with many of Ellis' works, this is going to be different from what you might think. This isn't going to be like any of the other King Arthur films and is intended to be much more epic.

I'm guessing that Warner Bros. won't let both films get made, and if Ellis' script is first it'll get first bite at the cherry, or perhaps they'll view the two scripts against each other and choose the best one, either way I don't really see them taking on the production of both films after the script stage, do you?

As the article also states, Singer's got a number of films on his slate, Ritchie is now just looking at the Sherlock Holmes sequel and the adaptation of his comic book, The Gamekeeper, other projects are rumoured, but far less than Singer. Plus, Singer's Excalibur doesn't yet have a writer.

Yes, Ellis' Excalibur certainly has the edge.



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