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Who Do You Love? trailer online

WhoDoYouLove.jpgWho Do You Love, the film about the rise of Chess Records, and in particular the founder Leonard Chess and some of the great stars he found such as Bo Diddley, Etta James and Muddy Waters, has a trailer that features the actors playing their musical characters, and it looks rather interesting too.

The trailer fooled me a little because it was for a film made in 2008, and I thought I was looking at something I might have seen way back, but actually it's not yet had a release, for all this time it's been sitting on the festival circuit, until 2010.

Now Who Do You Love is set for release in the United States, although there's no clear word of just when it will be released, the date is just this year.

The film stars Alessandro Nivola as Leonard Chess, David Oyelowo as Muddy Waters, Robert Randolph as Bo Diddley and Chi McBride as Willie Dixon, and the trailer features a few of them giving their all during there performances.

However strong the trailer starts off as, I'm not sure that it keeps it going right till the end. I'm not getting a sense of the story from that point, other than the fight to get Chess Records its first hit.

Still, it looks interesting enough, even if it does run a second place to Cadillac Records, which you can see the trailer for right here on Filmstalker, the much larger cast film about Chess Records that was released in 2008 and carried big names galore. You have to wonder why studios do this kind of thing and release two films at the same time, because that is surely what contributed to this film being left out in the cold for so long.



I've read that "Who Do You Love" opens in New York City, USA on 9 April, 2010. Both films -- "Cadillac Records" and "WDYL" -- played the Toronto Film Festival in 2008 to good reviews. But "Cadillac Records" got the most attention because of it's all star cast, including Beyonce, even though it was seriously flawed from the git-go with the omission of Bo Diddley and Phil Chess, Leonard's brother.

"WDYL" was originally called "Chess" but when Bo Diddley died in June 08 the producers renamed the film -- using the title of one of Bo's biggest hits -- out of respect for Bo and in effort to make up for the ridiculous exclusion from Hollywood's re-write of musical history.

The trailer with Robert Randolph as the Mighty Bo Diddley ROCKS!!!

Thanks for the information Frenchie25 - You're suggesting that this is by far the more honest and accurate telling of the Chess Records story by including more characters, is that the case? I'd be interested to know. Have you seen either?


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