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Will a Spawn sequel ever happen?

Spawn.jpgTodd McFarlane is still trying to sell everyone on the idea of a new Spawn film, and it's still not working, in fact it's gotten so bad that he's now talking about making the film himself with his own money.

McFarlane is the creator of the Spawn franchise, one that's done really well in comic and cartoon form but not so well in film, and since the first outing no one seems to have been willing to make another one.

That's not for McFarlane wanting it to happen though, he's been talking about the idea for ages and it keeps coming up time and time again and his desire to make another film hasn't waned.

Speaking at the New York Toy Fair through Bloody Disgusting, Todd McFarlane was once again touting the idea of a Spawn sequel, hoping someone will pick him up on it, or is he?

"I've had the idea in my head for over 10 years…and I want to write, produce and direct it and just go, ' here it is.'"

He's been working on the script for a long time, but it's still only eighty percent complete he says, which either means he's been taking his time or it's had a hell of a lot of work done to it.

" I did my due diligence, went around Hollywood…I listened to the pitch from all the big studios, but I just went, 'nah, I need to make this small and tight and contained.'"

Well that sounds like his reasoning is good, the studios probably were applying their superhero spreadsheets to the idea. Mind you what that does suggest is that the studios are still interested in Spawn to some degree, otherwise there wouldn't have been any pitches don't you think?

The basic issue with the studios is that they seem not to want to give McFarlane so much control of a big budget, so if he keeps it small he can get to make it, if the budget becomes too big then they are talking about getting in a team with more experience.

However the option of self-funding isn't as cut and dried as the story might suggest, reading his thoughts above it seems as though there's still a possibility for the film going through a studio, if he keeps the budget small. It also seems that he hasn't actually written off the idea of letting another team have a go at his script.

What is happening though is that he's thinking about the idea of self-financing and therefore having full control over everything, something I'm not convinced would be the best thing for Spawn:

"Another option is me just financing it myself…That way I can just ... I own all of it."

I think if he could wangle a strong Executive Production role and have some strong say over the story, character, writer and director, then handing the project to a more experienced team of film-makers might make a lot more sense. After all that would mean more budget, and more chance of it working as a film outside the Spawn fan base, don't you think? Mind you he was a producer on the first.



I remember watching the original film on video years ago. I don't remember much from it apart from finding it weird and kind of cool. Ten years is a long time to produce and refine a script of potential quality. Don't give up Todd!


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