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You Don't Know Jack trailers online

YouDontKnowJack.jpgI had thought that the HBO film about Dr. Jack Kevorkian, played by Al Pacino, was going to be a serious look into his life and his beliefs, as well as the beliefs of everyone around him and his patients who engaged his services to assist them in ending their lives at their own choice.

However watching the two trailers I'm not sure if they are. The first trailer seems to be light hearted and quirky from the opening scene in the first trailer, but the second trailer was suggesting something a little serious, until it gets going too.

There's a hint of the underlying discussion and differing beliefs, but then there's the shot of Dr. Jack Kevorkian in fancy dress on a bicycle, the portrayal of him as not really understanding what prison is about, fumbling through his court case, the line about Shawshank, and so on.

From these two trailers it doesn't feel that it's the film I was hoping to see that would address the debate about assisted suicide - if someone wants to die because their quality of life is diminishing before their eyes, why can't they be allowed to?

Watch the trailers for You Don't Know Jack for yourself and see if you think there's something more in here. Hopefully it's just bad marketing and the film hits the spot and provokes much needed debate.



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