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3D conversions for The Last Airbender and The Green Hornet

TheLastAirbender.jpgTheGreenHornet.jpgHow well 3D conversions have done to date, just look at Clash of the Titans. So why is there a need to do more? It seems there is with The Last Airbender and The Green Hornet both being marked for conversion to 3D.

Now looking at Clash of the Titans and thinking about how these two films have been going, I wonder if 3D conversions are the studios way of trying to get as much money back from a film they think is going to fail as possible?

Clash of the Titans didn't do well, indeed it's release was delayed so they could send the film to another company, companies that could be offshore and usually have nothing to do with the making of the film. They just sit there and rip the layers of the picture apart and put them back together in 3D. It's all rather clinical.

There was some negative talk about Clash of the Titans before the release of the film, more than usual. Then when it came close to the release date, they delayed it, that is the release that the studio had geared up for and spent all the money with their marketing teams for. That's when they sent the film away to be reworked into 3D.

Now, and as much as I like M. Night Shyamalan's films up to The Happening (Filmstalker review) that film wasn't well received and it marked his career, and despite how well The Last Airbender has been looking, critics have had it in for him for a number of films. Why? Well he wasn't delivering that twist he did with his first film and so people have been getting rather annoyed with that.

Then there's The Green Hornet. Where do we begin with that film? The problems there have been transparent, Stephen Chow was set to lead and direct, he wasn't leading, then he wasn't directing, then everything changed and suddenly Michael Gondry is directing and it all sounds rather different. Now that's going 3D.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Sony domestic distribution president Rory Bruer is endorsing the move to 3D emphatically. Please remember I'm British and have a huge range of sarcastic and ironic humour. Speaking about Gondry making the film he said:

”He always kind of shot it having the possiblity of having it in 3D in mind”

Eh? You are seriously kidding me? He always kind of? They are also trying to say that it's a good thing converting it to 3D because they are “doubling it down”. For you and me that's like double dipping a DVD, trying to get more money out of the audience.

Meanwhile it's AICN through Latino Review that has the news about The Last Airbender, and they also point out that The Green Hornet 3D will be hitting screens just as Tron Legacy hits the 3D screens at the same time, so surely cinemas will have to choose, and choose they will.

You can see why we're beginning to get the idea that a studio is converting a 2D film to 3D to pull in some profits from a film they think might fail. After all if you can get 20-30% extra from the ticket price of your audience for merely being able to advertise a film in 3D, no matter the quality, wouldn't you see it as the easy way out?

For me the early warning bells are ringing on both films, and if I hear 3D conversion from a film that's completed scripting, filming and editing, I'm thinking the studio are going to try and make as much from the release as they can, and perhaps a 2D release just won't call it.



I saw Clash of the Titans in "3D"; if that was anything to go by then the conversion process is less then useless. Total moneymaking scam.

The "3D" was absolutely nonexistent (the only thing that looked even remotely 3D was the opening titles, which were obviously put on afterwards). I'll never watch a conversion 3D film again.

The film was aweful too!

Oh hooray. More opportunities to suffer a feking migraine. Cinema used to be enjoyed with popcorn, now it's two aspirin and an antidepressant.


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