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3D television arrives in the UK, but do you want it?

Watching3DTV.jpg3D television has arrived in the UK as major stores begin stocking 3D televisions, 3D glasses and 3D enabled Blu-ray players, but not quite yet the 3D PlayStation we've been promised. Manufacturers are ready to roll it out to every consumer, taking over from your standard home cinema, and they're ready to pitch their might on this extra dimension.

The big question though is will you take on the 3D home entertainment, and will you pay the extra for the 3D in your home? Since it's just arrived here in the UK, how much will it cost?

We knew 3D television was coming, but I have to admit in the UK I thought we were going to wait longer than this, but news has come in that you can now equip your home in 3D entertainment in one quick shop.

HDTV UK have the story that John Lewis, a major high street retailer in the UK, has just brought in stock of 3D televisions, glasses and Blu-ray players, and they're selling them as complete packages. Here's what you'll need and how much they are charging.

Samsung UE40C7000 LED HD 1080p 3D Ready Television, 40 Inch with Built-in Freeview HD, 200Hz Motion Plus, DLNA, 2 x USB ports, Ethernet and internet@TV. Throw in a free glass stand and that will set you back a mere £1,799.

Of course you need the 3D active glasses too, and you can buy two pairs of the Samsung make along with a copy of Monsters vs Aliens for £149.

No, really, I'm not getting paid by John Lewis, I'm just giving you some indicative prices for 3D equipment!

Now since your PlayStation 3 won't play 3D just yet, you'll have to buy a player capable, and amazingly Samsung have the model for you. Samsung BD-C6900 3D Ready Blu-ray Disc Player for a mere £349. It plays straight Blu-rays too, which is handy, and deals with internet@TV too.

Hold up though, you'll need an HDMI cable to pull it all together, they suggest 1.4, but more on that later as well. So that's another £7.95.

Where are we now? £2,304.95. Now that may seem a lot, but I'm actually a little surprised at how cheap it is for all that dear. Still, it's a lot of money!

You could buy them all together of course and there's a package for that at £2,148 with free delivery, except you STILL need to buy an HDMI cable!

However, forget doing that and wait for the PlayStation 3 to be fully 3D compatible. We heard that it's going to output 3D for both films and games, well the first step is here with the 3.30 system update providing the first step to 3D, for in amongst the bits they tell you about, there's something else:

In addition, this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for the launch of Sony’s 3D BRAVIA Tvs.
Well technically the PlayStation US Blog (because the UK doesn't have one) told everyone, so that defeats that argument. The key though is that it will deliver 3D in games and film with just a software update...and a new 3D television, and glasses. Much cheaper though.

I've been running a small poll on the site about 3D home entertainment and whether people would actually pay to see it, and I'm surprised at the results. Here's what I asked, in fact let me embed the poll right here and give you the results as of wriiting:

Are you willing to pay for 3D?
60% voted “...or not at all?”
20% voted “...extra ticket price at the cinema (plus glasses)?”
10% voted “...with a new 3D TV?”
10% voted “...with a new 3D player (e.g. PS3)?”

I'm surprised because the “not at all” vote was so heavily swung, I genuinely thought that we would see more people voting for the cinema or the TV and PS3 options. I wonder why that is?

For me the idea of 3D home entertainment only works with gaming, and right now there's only Avatar (Filmstalker review) that I still feel uses 3D as a part of the film, rather than letting it rule the story and film-making. So until there's more film, I might be tempted if prices drop, but only when the PlayStation is ready and there are games to follow.



Hi Richard,

Just a small comment, where you mentioned about the playstation us blog, you said the uk dont have where. We do have one.


I'd like to see more 3D before I make up my mind- especially football broadcasts via Sky.

However, based on my ONLY 3d experience (Avatar) I'd rather have 2D than 3D.

Blu-Ray gives me stunningly sharp, clean and contrasty 1080p images with superb sound. 3D gave me a bit of a sore head. Happy to try again though.

Cheers Chris, I hadn't realised that. I'd joined the US blog feed and never knew that a UK had arrived since it started. I do now! I shall correct.

Dave I've seen a game demo on a PS3 3D with a 3D Bravia and I thought it looked spectacular.

With television though I struggled. The problem is you feel like the picture is like a bubble, because the closer it gets to the edges the flatter it seemed to appear as your brain and eyes realised that outer edges of the screen were flat.

It never felt like the whole screen was 3D, like I said it had that bubble effect. Not in the games though.

Mind you, that was last month, things may have improved since then.


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