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A realistic spy film?

24_Poster.jpgIt's hard to see through the hype sometimes in Hollywood, that and the rumour-mongering, but get through it and there's sometimes something real and interesting to see. That's what a story this morning about a new spy film is doing, as it suggests that there's going to be a very realistic and factual film coming about the reality of a CIA front-line spy.

Problem is if it's the reality it would surely start to look like the financial department we never see for CTU in 24. Red tape and bureaucracy. Or will it?

The story is that Peter Landesman, once a journalist and now a screenwriter, has developed a pitch along with Brad Weston and Graham King which is set to look at previously unseen areas of the intelligence world – and not the desk bound areas.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter Landesman talks about the script:

”The spy genre has tapped most layers, but as an investigative journalist, I began to get wind of one that remained elusive: a layer of operative and intelligence gathering that is virtually without oversight, directed by a small handful, who do things no one will hear of, occasionally at cross-purposes with agencies like the CIA. The DNA of this film is pulled from that world.”

According to the story they had, and have, a secret weapon in the script development, Robert Grenier, a CIA case officer who worked his way up to Assistant Deputy Director of the CIA for Counter-Terrorism as well as the head of the CIA's Counter-Terrorism Center. He was an undercover field agent in Afghanistan and Pakistan, he was the station chief in Islamabad during 9/11.

Grenier has been helping them on the story and script development, keeping them grounded in a reality throughout, and writing a real spy thriller, or as real as Hollywood will allow.

The story sounds interesting, but it depends what Hollywood does with it in the meantime. When we're used to so many spies and spy thrillers that range from Bourne to Bauer to Bond, you have to wonder if a reality based one will really hit the mark.



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