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Aniston to direct?

JenniferAniston.jpgI've said it so many times before, with the right role Jennifer Aniston is a strong serious actress, the problem is she never picks those roles, and the one really good role she did pick was in a good film that didn't get a lot of great press and she decided not to stick with it, a very bad move considering how great she was.

However it looks like she's not entirely done with a career outside of her replaying the same Friends role in every low rate romantic comedy she can get her hands on, and she's announced that she's going to direct.

Of course that's not actually something new for Jennifer Aniston, as back in August 2006 it was announced that she, along with some other major Hollywood actresses, was going to film a short for Glamour magazine, filming a short inspired by readers letters...yes, it sounded dreadful, and I'm not really sure what happened to it since it did sound so mind numbingly dull.

However now she appears to be talking about a full directorial job. Through Reuters she says:

"I have a project in development I'm going to direct."

Well I think that's pretty decisive isn't it? Mind you the source for the quote is from the British tabloid The Sun, and frankly I wouldn't believe anything I read in there...although I never read it so there you go! Mind you the fact Reuters have picked it up should say something.

She goes on to say:

"After you get enough movies under your belt you sit back and go, 'What's next?'...It's getting to a time where creatively I want to turn in a different direction..."

Well I thought you were going to do that after Derailed (Filmstalker review) which was really good. The film wasn't perfect, but it was good, and her role was surprisingly engaging. Not only was she good at playing a non-romantic comedy character, but it turns out she has quite a dark streak in her when she wants it.

It's something that I keep talking about, and it still amazes me that right after the film didn't do that well she just gave up and decided to go back to the same old Friends roles. At the time she said:

"Derailed kind of... derailed," she explained. "Thrillers are tough. I don't need to do these kinds of movies. It's like caviar. I don't need to have it again."

I did get a little frustrated at that comment, amazed that she was giving up after such a promising performance and just going back to the romantic dross like Rumour Has It.

Please, don't let her direct a romantic comedy.



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