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Another Splice trailer online

Splice.jpgI do wonder why everyone is so excited by Splice (Filmstalker review), having seen the film I was thoroughly disappointed by the comedic second half that almost ruined strong work the rest of the film had done. I had hoped that maybe there was a different cut planned, but not the one it needed.

Still, the trailers make the film look great, and pull out all the dramatic parts to make us believe the film is something much bigger and better. So enjoy the trailers, but do read the review and understand the full picture.

Splice is the story of two scientists who are working on genetically engineering crude life in order to produce proteins which seem to be required to avert a massive food shortage, that's what it would seem because it's never fully explained, something I rather liked about the story.

However they get caught up in the creating life part of it all, and when they are told to stop the programme and focus on getting the proteins, they can't, and they go on to create a new life-form.

It grows rapidly, and becomes somewhat adult, and it's during these phases that the scientists have to protect and nurture the creature while all the time not really knowing what it is capable of. Mind you, later on they do find out when it begins to discover desires of its own.

The film comes from the director Vincenzo Natali and stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, so you should be thinking that it's a strong film, and it is for the first half.

Here's the trailer I found through Row Three, and it is a great trailer, it's like the trailers that convinced me to go and see the film in the first place.

Remember do read the Splice review for a full picture of what the film has to offer, not just what's in the trailer. After all that second half contains some of the most comedic moments I've seen in horror for some time.



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